Automotive Research Complex

SPARC is designed to facilitate and showcase the Columbus region’s many contributions to automotive innovation.  In partnership with selected businesses and educational institutions, the track will be used regularly for the development and demonstration of advanced vehicle technology.  A newly-constructed Technology Center, with indoor exhibition space, will allow vehicular access to classrooms and workshops on each of its multiple levels.

An Advisory Board has been formed to advise and assist SPARC management in creating a synergistic environment which maximizes opportunities to utilize the SPARC facility for its intended purposes.  Members of the SPARC Advisory Board currently include:

  • Giorgio Rizzoni, OSU Center for Automotive Research
  • Andy Rezin, Columbus State Community College
  • Rick Gildow, Transportation Research Center
  • Robert Lane, CAR Technologies
  • Kenny McDonald, Columbus2020
  • Sam Spofforth, Clean Fuels Ohio
  • Ron Landthorn, TechColumbus
  • Linda Logan, Greater Columbus Sports Commission
  • Jim Schimmer, Franklin County Economic Development
  • Roger Schroer, Transportation Research Center
  • Brian Hicks, Hicks Partners
  • Joe Sugar, Arshot Investment Corporation
  • Stefanie Coe, Southwest Civic Association
  • Kathy Gatterdam, Franklinton Board of Trade